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our story

about us

Growthex Ceylon Pvt Ltd is a reputable company located in the picturesque town of Dalupotha, Sri Lanka. They specialize in producing delectable Fruit Bites Products that cater to the taste buds of health-conscious consumers. Committed to providing high-quality snacks, Growthex Ceylon utilizes locally sourced and carefully selected fruits to create a range of delightful offerings.

Welcome to GROWTHEX CEYLON PVT LTD!, under the brand name "YELLOW HELLO" we specialize in offering All Natural local fruit leathers with no artificial Flavors, colors, or Preservatives. Our primary goal is to provide a healthy and nutritious snacking experience. Pick seasonal fresh fruits and we use the whole fruit. Fruit leathers are made by pouring pureed fruit in to the flat surface and slowly dry them with great care. The gently dried fruit leathers slice into bite-sized pieces and pack them. We are dedicated to choosing only the highest quality fruits, guaranteeing that each bite brings you authentic taste and natural goodness. The available products of "yellow hello “such as Mango, Ambarella (Golden apples), Star fruit, Mix fruit (mango, passion, pineapple, papaya) and soursop

"At Growthex Ceylon Pvt Ltd, our mission is to provide health-conscious consumers with premium-quality and sustainable Fruit Bites Products made from the finest Sri Lankan fruits. We are committed to promoting a healthier lifestyle by offering delicious, nutritious, and natural snacks without compromising on taste or quality. Through responsible sourcing, community involvement, and eco-friendly practices, we strive to foster a positive impact on local farmers, communities, and the environment. Our aim is to be recognized as a global leader in the healthy snacks industry, delivering products that delight our customers and contribute to the well-being of all stakeholders."

The vision of Growthex Ceylon is to be a leading provider of healthy and sustainable fruit-based snacks, both locally and globally. They aspire to spread the natural goodness of Sri Lankan fruits and promote a healthier lifestyle through their delectable Fruit Bites Products. Overall, Growthex Ceylon Pvt Ltd stands as a trailblazer in the Sri Lankan food industry, offering a delicious array of Fruit Bites Products that exemplify their dedication to quality, health, and community upliftment.

We aim to promote a healthy lifestyle while supporting local farmers and communities, fostering sustainable practices, and spreading the natural goodness of Sri Lankan fruits to consumers worldwide.

what we made

Made With Real Fruit
Our product contains genuine fruit ingredients, emphasizing its natural and authentic flavor.
No Added Sugar
Does not contain any additional sweeteners beyond what naturally occurs in its ingredients.
Healthy Foods
Our organic dried fruit is perfect when plain, decadent when drizzled and spectacular when spicy.
Fruitful Bites
Bursting with the vibrant essence of real fruits, each bite offers a delightful explosion of natural flavors. With no added sugar, you can relish these guilt-free treats, enjoying the goodness of wholesome, real fruit ingredients.
Low Calorie Snacks
Enjoy a delectable treat without compromising on your health goals. Each bite is crafted from real fruits, offering a naturally sweet and satisfying flavor while keeping calories in check.
Healthy Indulgence
Experience Healthy Indulgence with our dried fruit bites. Treat yourself to a nourishing snack that's packed with vitamins and nutrients, perfect for a balanced and enjoyable snacking experience.